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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things I've Been Up To:

-Created the FPGS bags!
-Nylon/sock blend
-He estado practicando espanol [my computer doesn't do the accents and tildes in any manner that is quick or easy. Hooray, laptop.]

So! The Fiber Porn Grab-and-Spin Bags are officially in my store! I put them up on the 26th of October and I've created a couple more colorways since, which haven't been listed yet. I have been bagging samples to send to PhatFiber, which I plan to mail out soon. I also need to mail some yarns to my aunt for an event at which there may be an opportunity for my yarns to sell.

Pictures of dyeing and FPGS bags:

Speaking of dyeing, I dyed this batt which I personally think is SUPER ugly:

Which spun into this very gorgeous yarn:
And this other batt which I haven't spun yet but which looks promising:

Okay, on to quilts! My bestie in the whole wide world made this quilt for me and mailed it to me and it's warm and super awesome!

And here is the quilt I mentioned last post:

It's not done yet, but it's getting super close and I'm excited and it's gorgeous and OOOOH!

I got a bunch of wool off my bunny

and I spun it and I thought it was 1.25 oz but after the air got out of it all it only weighs 0.5 oz. But it's pretty and soft and it's a loooooovely fawn color:

Also new - the Fiber Porn Nylon Sock Blend! at least 25% nylon blended with superwash, hand-carded by me!

I also made it in a light green. More colors to come later, but it's gorgeous and shimmery and I can't wait to see someone make it into socks!

Okay, this was picture-heavy and I don't feel like lots of words. See you all next time!