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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy April!

Wow, I haven't posted in too long! I've been working on a lot of things, at the same time that I've been working on not enough things.

Recently new:

-Made 2 skirts today
-Started knitting with the black bear plied yarn
-Joined a knitting group

Other stuff I haven't posted about:

-Worked (briefly) on my quilt
-Almost done with the kitchen curtains
-Made a dress
-Took a pottery class AND a drawing class

So. From the top down then!

The skirts are circle skirts, no pattern, very easy. Neither turned out quite how I wanted, and both are shorter than I would have liked. But they're both gorgeous and I am pleased anyway. Next time I might only do half-circle skirts; we'll see. The teal one I based off of this: (Only I didn't do it quite right and it ended up being a full circle, just so it would fit around my waist).

Blackbear scarf. I plied the merino/tencel with the black bear/qiviut/husky yarn and it's gorgeous and soft and wonderful, only with bigger needles and a thicker yarn there isn't enough to go around. So, I'm going to do a couple of things. First, I'll spin up an ounce of cinnamon tussah and ply it with a light grey handspun. I'll also spin up an ounce of pure qiviut and ply it with a white handspun. Then I'll knit in sections - I started with the blackbear ply, then I'll do tussah, then qiviut, then tussah, then blackbear again. It will be gorgeous and the grey and white will move throughout. I'm pretty excited for it.

The knitting group is great. It meets Wednesday nights at the library here in town and everyone's really friendly and I have a good time. I found another group on Ravelry that meets Monday evenings that I will probably go check out tomorrow. Bringing my crafting to a group of people who are all crafting gives me motivation and helps me to be productive. I like it.

I just finished dyeing 10 oz of wool (5 two-oz batches). Pictures later; it's all drying.

The dress I made: