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Sunday, December 6, 2009

So Far in December

I made a clapotis. I like it very much and I am waiting impatiently for the blocking to dry so that I can wear it! Pictures and such are available at along with a day-to-day description of the project. Now I'm finishing pair 2 of Joel's socks, and after that I'll be working on a pattern called Diagonale with my 1122 yards of handspun cobweb silk. Other projects in the mix include re-backing Joel's quilt, making the rest of the curtains for the house, finishing my quilt top, and spinning the angora I currently have collected off of Bunny FooFoo.

Pictures of the silk:

And the Clapotis, dubbed "Symphony" [the colors appear very similar in the pictures, but this is made from a very different yarn than the silk lace]:

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