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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In the works.

I started to spin up some white soysilk this morning. That should get finished tonight, possibly tomorrow. Once the wools I dyed last night are dry, I'll start on them. I think I will just sell the watermelon yarn, and the crimson I plan to make into a scarf [EDIT]. Hopefully the crimson romney will be soft enough without being fuzzy. I think I'll knit it with vertical ribs, like I did with the multicolored fuzzy scarf in my store. Maybe on size 10 needles? I need to go to Inua, even though I hate that store, so I can get some circular 7s and 10s. I am also going to make a pastelly yarn, with sky, cotton candy, mint, and butter colored rovings. Pictures to come soon.

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