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Monday, March 16, 2009

More in March

Spring break came and went. I lost some teeth, did next to nothing, and went a little batty. Pictures to come! I made up 7 bags of rovings and fibers to card into batts, and I only got through four. One is now being corespun into a yarn that is so far turning out well for me. The other two are likely to be corespun as well. Again, pictures to come. I don't think I got much else done since my last post. I finished the third February block and I'm on round 9 of the fourth. I also started my March blocks. I didn't like the pattern that was chosen, so I used a filler that someone posted. I REALLY like it so far! It looks really pretty in the variegated yarn I'm using, as well. I kind of want to make a whole blanket with that pattern and that yarn...maybe some other time ;)

As I said, pictures to come. Back later!

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