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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Not a lot has happened since last time. I went to a craft/garage sale bazaar with my yarns. I sold one (better than none!) and it was overall a very slow day. It made me excited for moving to Washington, though, where there are bazaars and such all over the place! Farmer's Market might be a good idea. I want to try it out up here, but I'm afraid that the costs will surpass the money I make. I'll probably pay annual dues and try it out for a couple of Saturdays...except that my work schedule this summer conflicts with both days the in-town market is open! So cancel that. I'm hoping that I can turn enough of a profit in Washington to make it my job. That would be SO nice.

I spun up the Deep Sea Masquerade batts. I looove the yarn it made. I hope I can get good pictures of it...I also started to spin up silk I have ogled for months at Susan's shop. I'm spinning it SUPER laceweight (because it's silk, and I can!) and then I will navajo-ply it into a gorgeous, sheen-y yarn. I am super excited for it, but it will take hours of work.

I started to make the yarn for the other sock. I will probably work on it more tonight...I'm to the point where I need to card more hair, though, and I try to do that when Joel is not home. Anyway, the hair I'm using this time is still gross and dirty, but is muuuuch nicer to spin. One sock will be scratchy with a halo (the one that's done), and the other will be softer. How silly :) He will be glad to have them, regardless.

I also still need to finish that hat. It's not that far from done...but handstitching takes a long time. I still don't have a sewing machine. Don't even get me started. I'm really pissed about it.

I also got another fleece in from Etsy (I forget if I mentioned that before...). I've been taking pictures, and I'm waiting for the washing machine, so that I can finish washing it. It's super dirty (but it has low VM).

Anyway, that's all from me for now.

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