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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I did a little dyeing this evening - 2 oz of a new colorway, and 2 oz of a repeat colorway that I put on a new wool. I'll add pictures once it's dry. I got lots of super bright colors and although I don't love the repeat colorway as much as I did on solid white wool, it's got potential as well. It might be prettier after spinning than its predecessor; we'll see.

The other thing I forgot to mention last post! Clark College has an art publication called the Phoenix that has been nationally recognized. I submitted a few yarns as well as my clapotis for jury. I'm not sure when I'll hear back, but the deadline for submissions is this Thursday, Feb. 10, so I imagine I'll know a few weeks after that.

The Good vs. Evil yarn I started almost a year ago I now plan to send to the Handspun Revolution for display in the giant skein of yarn they're making. I have to work on it, first, but it's not due till March. I have it out and I plan to put in a little time this evening but we'll see how it works out.

I am actually in the mood for more dyeing but I have other things to get to, so I'm letting the quarter pound be enough for tonight. Perhaps next weekend.

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