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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Post-Move Stress Relief

Whew! I'm finally 90% unpacked and getting settled in.  Yesterday I cooked pretty much non-stop all day, and today I dyed a whole pound of wool (pictures tomorrow; the wools are wet still, of course).  I listed two yarns this evening.  I'm waiting for my next order from Carol over at the Sheep Shed to arrive.  I should be good to go on locks for a month or two after I need to stock up on extra goodies - glitz, ribbon, accessories, and whatever else I want to put into my Fiber Porn spinning kits.  I'm working on getting my stash organized (still) but I have a few stacked trays that I'm going to put the little stuff in for now.  I seriously need a place for all this big stuff, though!!  I have over 30 lbs of raw llama that needs some sort of storage space already!

In other news, I'm still saving up for my drum carder.  I just opened a new bank account that has a cash reward after completion of a few minor requirements, and that will put me in reach of the carder I want!  I'm saving up for the Strauch Mad Batter.  I've heard a lot of places that saving up for a Strauch is way worth it, so I'm doing it.  I can't wait!

All dyed and waiting to dry.

 Robot Unicorn Attack

Superwash from The Sheep Shed Studio

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