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Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, I made my first yarn with beads.

It's really bulky. Also, since I spun the thick strand with the jumbo flyer, there's not quite enough twist in it. This is good, because it's a fluffy and soft yarn, but it's bad, because it's threatening to drift apart in a few places. I think it would be easy to disguise in a project, though, and that it would be plenty strong knitted or crocheted or woven in.

All in all, I like it. I used up the last of that colorway finally, which is nice. It would have been cool to use twice as many beads, so that there were just beads EVERYWHERE, but that gets costly fast.

I also made my second corespun.
This yarn is NOT photogenic. I took almost 50 pictures of it and just about all of them were blurry or whited out with flash. I took this yarn all over my apartment to try to get a good shot of it. This one was taken on my kitchen counter in a shadow (hence the crappy lighting). But I'm a little bit enthralled with this yarn. I think maybe I just like corespun yarns in general. Their texture is slightly different, and I like that it's just as flexible as regular yarn, without being floppy.

Also, I spun up the second skein of "Lakeside Sunrise". I did well-the two skeins weigh exactly the same amount, and there is only one yard in length difference. I didn't even micromanage it!

I also ordered some Wilton's icing color today. For some reason, I couldn't find any at the grocery stores! I didn't try Michael's, though. I bought 4 oz of superwash merino a couple of weeks ago so that I can try Wilton's without worrying about felting.

Next on my list of spinning projects are flax, hemp, and yellow lab. I REALLY need to get ahold of some lab so that I can let that lady know if it's possible. I think it is, but it will be really intensive for me. It shouldn't take too long to get the hang of it, though.

Also, I'm going to pick up the supplies for that homemade loom now that my student loans came in. I really want to build this thing! I have NO idea what I'll use for heddles/harnesses at this point. Or as a reed, for beating the weft. I get fed up with warping the loom, and the length of time it takes to actually produce a length of cloth, but weaving is a good project for me to work in in small bursts. I want to get something started!

Also on my list of things to do is navajo plying with the 3/4 lb of lincoln I have laying around this place. I mean, why not?!

Other things I need to do:
--Call groomers for dog hair (so I can make custom socks)
--Find dusky blue yarn (so I can make a custom hat)

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