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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recent Stuff.

Since my last update, I've gotten a few things done. I spun up all that romney:

It was crappy and full of second cuts. But overall, the yarn still looks nice.

Before that, I spun up my first successful novelty!

It's a very chunky handspun plied with a commercial fun fur type yarn, complete with SPARKLES! I have no idea what I could ever do with this yarn, but I absolutely love it. I'm disappointed that only 4 people have viewed it, one of which I linked directly.

I also started to spin the bamboo. I like it because it spins up as easily as soysilk, but it's less messy. It doesn't stick to as many surfaces, and it doesn't flake apart. Maybe the soysilk I used was in a funky form of roving, but it seemed like it should come the way it did. I'll take a picture of the remnants sometime to illustrate what I mean here.

And, I crocheted a shawl. I went to JoAnn's the other day to deal with my sewing machine problems, and I walked past the yarns (of course). I fell in love with this yarn:

It's so...purple! I worked up a shawl using the pattern listed here: (except I'm too lazy to do the border they show at this point). I might at some point, but I want to use the rest of the yarn in the second skein for a crochet-along I am doing! I still need to weave in the ends and such. It ended up being somewhere around 40 inches across the top.

Speaking of which, I'm doing the year-long granny square crochet along listed here: [and I'm really excited about it!]. I'm going to do purples and greens (maybe some creams, too). I still haven't decided if I will do two or four of each pattern. I think I will start with two, because I can always make more! They're supposed to be 12"X12" squares, so if I do two of each, I would do four blocks by six blocks for the finished afghan. I could do three of each square and then I could do a blanket six feet square (which would be nice for me and my SO, since he hates when the blanket is turned sideways!). I could also do 9X4, which would give me another afghan in the dimensions of the last one I crocheted. If I do four of each, I will do 8X6 (which I think is the optimal size for two people). It's gonna be a lot of yarn, though! I think if I space out my purchases that it won't feel as bad. I want to get a jumbo skein of boucle from JoAnn's, because they are variegated, and it will give a unifying feature to the blanket.

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